Hans van Bommel

Instrument(s): Drums // Ukulele

Videostill uit Counting Stars

Videostill uit Counting Stars

Whois? Hans “Hemaroids” van Bommel plays the drums, loud and fast. This punkrocker brings fire and volume to the songs, so Ellow can also be heard in the back of the most big ass livingrooms. Daily practices are a logical consequence for his dedication to music. By this, Rik and Eline are pushed to schedule more rehearsals than they ever thought of being necessary.

Ellow there! Rik and Hans’ friendship goes way back in time. Back to the years when Rik solely played the bass. Punkrock style. They kept bumping into each other at concerts, until a mutual friend proposed to start a band and Hans was forced to play the drums. Poor guy.

Featured in: Counting Stars