Maarten Franken

Instrument(s): Guitar // Piano // Bass // Ukulele // Vocals // All other things that make noise

Maarten Franken, Ellow, Live, Livingroomshow, Glockenspiel

Maarten Live @ Livingroomshow – Playing the glockenspiel


Whois? Maarten is our entertainer, storyteller and enthusiastic all-rounder. He plays any instrument you can think of, and if he doesn’t, he will learn to! As if that’s not enough, he backs Eline with his killer voice.

Ellow there! On a party of mutual friends, Maarten and Eline started talking. About music. And about Ukulele’s! Maarten loved both. And he could sing. And so he does. No doubts.

Featured in: Price Tag // Cup Song