Ellow – She’s 22 – Norah Jones (cover)

She’s 22 and loving you! Yes, this is our new cover of She’s 22 by Norah Jones. It just fits Eline’s voice really well so we had to film it! Thanks for being interested in Ellow! We’d like to know what you think in our comment section below and subscribe if you haven’t already!

She’s 22
And she’s loving you
And you’ll never know how it makes me blue
Does it make you happy?

I’m holding on
To a thing that’s wrong
‘Cause we don’t belong
But you like my songs
And you make me happy
Does she make you happy?

You can throw away
Every word I say

I’m standing still
On this hidden hill
And I’m looking around
For the right way down
To your distant valley

Your flowers grow in the frozen snow
And I’d like to know if it’s all a show
‘Cause you sure look happy
Are you really happy?

You’ll just throw away
Every word I say
You can throw away

Ooo ooo…

Does she make you happy?
Does she make you happy?
Does she make you happy?
I’d like to see you happy

(once a month max!, we promise!)

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