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I Say – Ellow


Download MP3’s
Release date: october 10th 2013

  1. Knock Knock (video)
  2. Shitfaced (video)
  3. Falling (video)
  4. Jealousy (video)
  5. Lady Irony (video)

It’s all about the covers

  1. Maybe I Will – Julia Nunes (video)
  2. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons (video)
  3. Pizza – Julia Nunes (video)
  4. Someone Like You – Adele (video)
  5. Atlas Hands – Benjamin Francis Leftwich (video)
  6. Fantastig Toch – Eva de Roovere (video)
  7. Price Tag – Jessie J (video)
  8. Royals – Lorde (video)
  9. Traditional – Cup Song (video)
  10. Brooke Frasier – Something In The Water (video)
  11. OneRepublic – Counting Stars (video)

These are a couple of covers we’ve put out as videosongs. Click the ‘video’ link to see the video or listen to them using the bandcamp player below.

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