Let’s GO! To Sweden… part 1: why?

Why…? Because we can! And there are some awesome peeps we need to thank for that, besides the livingroomshow hosts obviously.

fransFirst someone who’s been with us every day. From the very first word about going to Sweden to the last bag we unpacked. And that one’s name is Frans Jacobs. I really did give him the choice to accompany us to Sweden, but he kinda didn’t have a choice. He just had to listen to me talking about Sweden and come with us, because he is my boyfriend.

This bald-headed, red-bearded bassist is already described on our website (here) but needs some more mentioning. Because this man was on stage yesterday, rocking with his own band named Gifter. You really need to check out that band too, because we know they’re going to be big. This week they announced they were selected to be “Proud of the South” in The Netherlands and they released our EP named “Don’t Look Down”.

With us, he rocked on bass, guitar and backing vocals. He was our designated driver and roadie. We really couldn’t have done this without his support (and car). All the love to you Frans, and kisses from Rik 😉

jornAnd then the people who got stuck with us in Sweden. They are named Jorn and Elke, and are two of the craziest and loveliest people we know. Jorn is an old friend of Rik and his girlfriend Elke a long lost friend of Eline. Jorn got stuck with the maintenance of Rik’s bass so he fled to Sweden to escape from that. Too bad for him we just followed him. We had the pleasure to fill his and Elke’s house with our chaos and music.

And then we get to the hosts of the (livingroom)shows. Julia & Poyan, Rosie, Anna-Lena & Örjan, Fredrik & Yvonne and also Jorn & Elke. I will extend this blogpost with the shows at their houses and in Rosie’s case; venue, and our further adventures in Sweden.

But to conclude this part and answer the question “Why Sweden?”, there truly is only one answer; because we can. We got the opportunity to visit our friends, play for them and meet new people. Rik orchestrated it all by spamming people on Twitter. It gave us four totally different shows, from a livingroom that wasn’t really prepared for us to a fully amplified show.

To read all about that, I will keep you posted on Facebook. And for the people who aren’t that much interested in reading; we also filmed 4 songs that we will release soon.

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