Let’s GO! To Sweden… part 2: how?

Well… to go to Sweden, needs a lot of preparation. That’s what this part is about. Yeah I know.. next post will be really about Sweden.

But to make it really clear, how much preparation it needed, we need to go back to when we started Ellow. Although playing abroad is not something we planned to do at the beginning, it is something we couldn’t do if we started as a ‘normal band’. And with a ‘normal band’ I mean a band consisting of bandmembers who are expert on their instrument and only play that instrument in their band, at a rehearsal studio, at a gig at the local pub or in the studio recording their album. There really is nothing wrong with that, please don’t take me wrong. But Ellow isn’t that kind of band, and because of that, we aren’t limited to those venues, and we can be more flexible because there’s only two of us. We can be more flexible with planning our rehearsals and gigs, the people we bring (or don’t) and how we play our songs (or don’t).

So that means, the obstacle to play abroad was smaller; planning was easier and the instruments we brought would determine the way we play our songs. So in the end it was the size of our car that determined how many instruments we could bring and what songs we could play.

Full car

(We brought Rik’s (portable) recording studio, two ukulele’s, acoustic bass, phillicorda organ, our bag of little instruments (like melodicas and kazoos), lots of food, sleeping stuff and still we could fit in there.)

Back to the beginning of Ellow. So there’s two of us. That gives us an advantage with planning and determines the way we play our songs with what instruments. But as I mentioned, it can also determine our venues. And Julia Nunes gave us the idea that someone’s livingroom could be a venue too. So in 2013 we started asking around if people would like to see us play in their livingroom. And to our surprise they booked us, and in 2014, the people who had seen us in 2013 asked us for their livingroom. We only asked a small compensation, because they were in charge of the drinks and venue.

But our public wanted more, they wanted to support us and hold something tangible as a reminder of the show. So we released our first EP with the recordings we released along with the videos on youtube. And because we recorded it all ourselves, burned it on the blank cds ourselves, and made the artwork ourselves, we could keep the prices low. Too low for some people, so we designed some shirts and re-recorded our songs (because we learned a lot of new stuff), released it ourselves with new artwork. And people kept giving us their money.



So Jorn en Elke saw us play in 2014, and wanted us to play at their livingroom. But alas, they had just moved to Sweden. Alas.

That was the fuel to go to Sweden.

Rik went crazy on Twitter, got in contact with someone who just started a nice new venue in Goteborg for people just like us, kept stalking some people (right Fredrik?) and tried to fit all the shows in one week. We emptied our bankaccount on boat tickets, promotional stuff (like posters), food and other things that costs money, and just got in the car.

Here starts our Sweden adventure. Next blogpost will be really about Sweden. I promise.

Here’s a video:

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