Let’s GO! To Sweden… part 3: What?

That’s right. What..? As in “what the hell..?”. Because after all the preparations it was finally April 12th. The day that we would pack our things in our car and drive, take the boat, and go relax and play some songs in Sweden. That’s what I kept telling myself. No pressure that way.

So Rik and me delivered our cats at the “hotel” they would be staying (Leslie got a private room in his parents’ house and Lilo and Stitch got a week to make my parents crazy by running around in their living room) and we went to the supermarket to load up on some snacks for the trip. So I baked a tortilla cake which is like a lasagne but better (a similar recepe here http://www.food.com/recipe/beef-tortilla-cake-370187) while the boys stuffed our car with instruments and we were on our way at 10 ‘o clock at night.

We calculated that we would be in time for the boat, which would leave at 6 in the morning, in Rostock. Though we switched drivers 3 times and had a lot coffee-breaks, we still were like 1,5 hours early. So we parked and took a much needed nap. Of course we set an alarm, would be terrible to be so close and miss the boat.

So on the boat I watched the boys sleep, tried to sleep myself, ended up in the cinema with a really boring movie which was dubbed in German to make it double bad, plus there were people snoring. Luckily we had booked a meal in the morning, something to look forward to. We discovered that the food was, well it was food and it was somewhat warmish… so, we scarved it down and watched the shores of Sweden come closer. At 12 we drove our car off the boat and were off to Elke and Jorn. Of course I finally fell asleep when we were near Goteborg, they laughed at me for that (and for sleeping with my mouth open) but I knew there would be enough time to check out Goteborg.

The first few days were days I took to rest, and needed to get acclimatized to the beautiful surroundings. There was so much tranquillity that I finally got to hear myself think (I don’t recommend that) and I found the energy I desperately sought the past months. The first thing Rik did was set up his recording studio in front of the big windows and start hacking away on our ukulele’s. Thanks to Jorn and Elke we got to taste some typical Swedish food (tunnbrödsrulle and soup made of fruit) and knew exactly where to go for much needed alcohol and music stores. We went to a really good hamburger place (2112) which served burgers like “Smoke on the water” and “Hell awaits” to keep our stay as musical as we could. Of course I fell in love with a ukulele, the first music store we walked into.

021Buying the ukulele was not that simple. It needed much pondering, because we discussed that we actually really needed an amp for my vocals, there were multiple hosts in the Netherlands that had suggested that. So we first went for a quest to find an affordable amp within our budget, because our bank account was almost empty. We passed a big music store that looked to have a lot of amps, so we parked in the city and took a long walk to that store. Not expecting to find exactly what we were looking for: a small Ibanez troubadour. We brought our tenor ukulele and I blasted away and annoyed all the guitar players in the store, so we decided it was a good bargain and bought it. There was just enough money left to fund my dream ukulele. So then we really had no more money, but we did have a concerto ukulele (the only one missing of the four different ukulele sizes) which was semi acoustic ánd we had an amp to amplify my voice and ukulele to make enough noise to reach a 15+ crowd.

Well.. that was what the facebook event told us would be the crowd for that evening (https://www.facebook.com/events/1430729023906461/). What went wrong there? Read about it in my next blog!


Last time Rik went to Sweden, he got really inspired, and wrote the song ‘Treelines’. Patrons and people who saw us live have heard this song, but now, we had the perfect backdrop (and ukulele) to record it. Enjoy!

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