Let’s GO! To Sweden – Part 4: Where?

Well.. Sweden of course, but where exactly, there’s this blog about. In the last blog I mentioned there went something wrong with the first show.

We were in contact with Bjorn and Julia. Bjorn arranged it all and Julia opened her living room for us. So we texted Julia and she let us in, we unpacked and waited, while we saw a flushed Julia running around. A few more people came in and they retreated to the kitchen.

At last a man came out, introduced himself as Poyan, poured us some champagne and told us “There would be no concert, but a meeting how to kill Bjorn”. So Bjorn, I would be careful if I were you 😉 Apparently, he wasn’t going to show up and left Julia with all the preparations.


Poor Julia, you were kinda stressed out, but you did a really good job. It was such a fun evening, with neighbours and close friends. Even someone who understands Dutch, she was probably the only person that knew what we were singing about in the coversong “Fantastig Toch”. She pointed out that the Dutch word “kussen” has two really different meanings; “pillow” and “kissing”. Fascinating (no… I’m not being sarcastic, I really find that fascinating). And I found out, thanks to Ellen, that the sushi in Sweden is so much bigger than in the Netherlands! #jealous

That evening I surprised Rik. Because he kinda forgot it, because of all the commotion surrounding the gig, but at 12 o’clock at night, everyone sang happy birthday for him J We will never forget that evening. Sitting on a beautiful wooden floor, with a warm fireplace and beautiful people around us. Thank you so much Julia. For moving your heavy closet all by yourself, inviting everyone and being such a lovely person. We got a lot of hearts in our guestbook.

The next day, we went early to Goteborg. We were invited to play at MusikMakes, a recording studio run by Rosie. We met her two days before, so we would know what we could expect. This show was turning out to be the exact opposite of the show we did at Julia’s living room. There were spotlights, a sound engineer, really good equipment (I want that microphone Rosie) and beautiful furniture where the guests could sit. People were supposed to pay at the entrance and we even got a supporting act; Patrick Wennberg. Besides from all that, the vibe was that of a living room. Cosy and personal.

But, our nerves got the better of us that evening. We played well enough, but I could feel the tension, luckily it broke when between two songs a few people jumped up to run to the toilet… apparently we had been playing over one hour without a break. I just lost track of time and we forgot to put in a break. Oops.

Afterwards we talked to some really nice people. Someone who brought beers from the place where he worked (I enjoyed that beer!), but it didn’t have a label so I couldn’t make a picture and forgot what it’s called. People bought our EP and signed our guestbook. All in all it was a perfect evening and we have to thank Rosie, and apologise for being the cause of a short night’s sleep on an air mattress.

The day after, it was a sunny day and my fingers itched to try recording with my new ukulele. You’ve seen the result in my previous post 🙂 that’s not the only one, so keep an eye out for that video. We will release it soon. But we were so busy recording (and Frans showing off) that we were almost too late at our next gig (that and Rik told me the drive would only take us 45 minutes, instead it took us like 1,5 hour). But that wasn’t a problem. The scenery on that route was incredible, enourmous lakes and beautiful big bungalows in all different colours.

When we arrived at the home of Anna-Lena and Örjan, they and Fredrik and Yvonne were ready to go and show us the lake and surroundings, bringing coffee and beers, while we brought our ukulele’s. We played our cover of “Home” for them by the lake and they took us to the top of the hill, to look over the big lake. Luckily I wore my walking shoes, because there were a lot of ants. And I don’t like ants. Oh and of course I was the one that fell through a rotten log along the way. A well. People were starting to arrive when we headed back to the house. There, they started the barbeque with tasty burgers. But first, Fredrik shot some really awesome bandphoto’s of us. And believe us, that isn’t easy with all our awkwardness. They turned out really really awesome! After that, it was time for burgers and beer.

And we had to play of course. With the setting sun behind us, people singing our own songs with us, some taking the song “Falling” and “Fantastig Toch” a little too literally and me trying to sing Anouks “Nobody’s Wife”, it was such a night to remember. Afterwards we sold shirts, cd’s, had to sign everyting and had people wanting their pictures taken with us. We felt like rockstars and loved every second of it. I had a hard time leaving, I had to pull Frans out of the Jacuzzi and we gave Fredrik a ride home.

We were home at 5 o’clock in the morning. Still feeling blessed and happy. And tired! But the day after that wasn’t a day to rest. We got in the car and visited Vicas, Elke’s horse (I got to take a ride) and we recorded two more songs with Jorn’s acoustic guitar. That same evening we got to play our songs to our hosts, who had put up with us for the whole week. And to make this setting more intimate, we did the whole thing acoustic. No amps and no phillicorda. That was a challenge for us, but even the cover “Radioactive” was a succes that evening. We loved playing for you Jorn and Elke! See you soon!

I want to call out at everyone that was present at one of these events, please contact us! We would love to keep in touch! You also can sign up to our newsletter and get our new video’s in your mail.

Enjoy the next song recorded in Sweden. You know this one 🙂

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