Let’s GO! To the hell below.

On November 5th of last year, I posted a blog on our new EP, or to be more specific; EP’s. Plural. (Read it here.) And here it is. The second EP that completes our first.


This EP also contains five original, shiny and new Ellow songs. Some (only) newly recorded, some really really brand spanking new, and shiny they are. Rik is currently working on a blog on how we recorded them, so I won’t go into details on that, but I will reveal some lyrical and instrumental choices we made. Let’s GO!

Flemish Guy
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Our opening track is our song with by far the most complicated song I’ve ever written, I think. What I mean to say is that I have tried to fit a story, which would need at least a hundred plus pages in a book, in one song. This song, was one hell of a project.

The title says it all, it’s about a Flemish Guy, and with that I mean a bird, what could easily be translated to a really annoying bloke. Every month this bird would seek out a person, a girl, to tell tall tales to. He never expects to find someone to really listen to him, but Suzy does. Suzy is the big, blue, doe eyed girl that falls in love and believes every word he says. Don’t we all know that kind of girl (or maybe some of us ARE that kind of girl).

In every verse of the song the bird tells her something, she reacts to that and something different but altogether bad happens (ironic that is). So bad that in the end she dies because of his advice. But there is more to the story, because we couldn’t leave it at that. In the end I sing “and then along came her cat”. That’s the cliff-hanger that should insinuate that her cat ate the Flemish Guy, because there was no-one to feed her. Read the full lyrics here.

That was the story line. But that’s not all. The melody was something I needed to put on top of the full instrumental guide track that Rik already wrote. So I tried to keep the verse simple and clean, with short words. The advice in the first part and the conclusion in the part that changes chords. The pre-chorus is an obnoxious choir that sings Suzy is stupid and the chorus is a straight-forward melody line, trying to tie it all together.

The song is ukulele driven, with a whacky line played on the upright bass in the chorus, which I still think is crazy that Rik could come up with that, let alone play. The next challenge was playing this song live, which meant I would have to learn to sing and play that ukulele line at the same time. But I think I got it.

Oh and how could I forget? We’ve got a solo on this track. Many thanks to Jorn who flew all the way from Sweden to Eindhoven only to lay down this track (kidding)! This was the cherry on the pie.

Let’s GO!
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The title-song of our EP. The second up-tempo song, ukulele driven. This song embodies our journey to reach our goals, and our physical journey to Sweden in April.

That’s why there are some references to Sweden in the lyrics. The building of the city of Göteborg, where we’re going, was heavily influenced by the Dutch. That’s why “It’s designed to be a home for me.” Read the lyrics

It also verbalises our vision that you need your goals to keep going, they will keep you warm. But that you won’t have to do it alone. We invite you to come along.

Lady Irony
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Re-recording of the title song of our tour last year. We felt that that song had so much potential we hadn’t captured it all on our previous recording. There weren’t many changes. Only adding the drums, based on Maurice’s live performance and doubling the melodica with the phillicorda which gave it more body.

The song tells a story about a lady, who wears a mask to keep up appearances. She’ll never shows you what she truly means and her mood can swing in an instance. Rik likes to kid that that song is based on me.. I really couldn’t say. It would be weird to sing that about myself. Read the lyrics.

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Also a re-recording. Rik didn’t want to include this song on the EP, but I insisted. I love this one. He wrote this song while he was hangover, about the fox, the mouse and the bear. All three embodiments of drinks. You can see it in our after movie of the show in Someren, at the theatre (Watch the video). The fox is the strong drink, the mouse the fine wine and the bear is the great chug of beer. But they all knock you over the head when you follow them and get you wondering, what did I do last night? Read the lyrics.

We kept it simple, with only acoustic guitar, bass and phillicorda.

Little Joan
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Again a story about a girl. A girl trying to find her way in life, but wanting to stay a girl, lost on the fair with cotton candy in her hear. It’s a sticky mess. Read the Lyrics.

This is the only song that really doesn’t work with only two people playing it. The song needs all its instruments because of the great contrast between verse and chorus. It has the small, dreamy verse with a beautiful melody in the bass and some high notes on the piano and glockenspiel, opposed to the full throttle chorus with ukulele and low piano melody with bouncy bass and gang vocals.

Maarten was highly involved with this recording. You can hear his voice clearly as part of the gang vocals and he is the one that kept hacking on the ukulele.

So we began the EP with the story about the Flemish Guy and the up-tempo song with goals, Let’s go, let it get knocked down by Lady Irony, which gave you a hangover with Shitfaced and kept you going around and around with Little Joan. We hope you enjoy.

This EP “Let’s GO!”, next to our previous EP “To the hell below.” completes our album. That’s why we’re currently designing a nice cover to place them in, side by side. But because it all is DIY (do it yourself), it requires some time, money and dedication.

You can buy the physical EP here (Webshop) or send us an email
Or the digital EP here (iTunes)
Or listen to it here (Spotify)

And we hope to see you, before we go to Sweden. We still have some shows planned in March, and there will be one coming in April too. See a list of our shows. 

Let’s GO! To the hell below.



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